Have your own special stock music made, written and compiled? That is possible at The Soundtrack Studio. We make stock music for films, videos, documentaries and games, among other things. Our music can be used for both personal and commercial use. Consider, for example, a corporate film or commercial.

What does it cost to have your own stock music made?

You have decided to have your own unique stock music made. But what exactly will this cost? The costs depend on a number of factors. We first receive some information from you in advance:

  • A short description of the project in which the soundtrack will be used;
  • The length of the soundtrack piece or pieces;
  • A short description of the style in which the soundtrack should be located.

After we have received this from you, we will set up a personal plan for you and we will offer you a quote with a price proposal for your project. Of course you can also state your specific wishes and budget. We will take this into account.

Who does The Soundtrack Studio make stock music for?

The Soundtrack Studio is happy to make stock music for everyone. For school projects, corporate films, documentaries or for game developers. Everyone can come to us for an unique soundtrack.

Our main specialty is making dark, soothing, emotional and mysterious melodies. This is especially suitable for:

  • Films with a lot of tension;
  • Films in which emotions play a major role;
  • Films in which mysterious events take place.

In addition, we are always open to making soundtracks for other genres.

Your stock music made by The Soundtrack Studio?

The Soundtrack Studio composes music, with our specialty being film music. The possibilities for film music vary from individual soundtrack pieces to a full film soundtrack with different music pieces that match the different scenes in your film. Composing short background sounds, such as effects and incidental background music, is also within our expertise

Curious to what we can compose for you?

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What clients said...

A fantastic collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands! Quick responses, clear and friendly! He brought extra power to my promo video. There will definitely be more collaborations in the future! Fantastic work!

I have been making video's for myths for quite a while, and I have always found the sufficient music through sound banks. However, for this video I needed something special and decided to contact The Soundtrack Studio. They replied quickly and delivered the music within a week as well. The music was perfect so I didn't need any revisions. The combination of ominous sounds and orchestration fits perfectly with my video and the melodies pull you into this story right away.
Many thanks Daan and I will come back for future projects.

I'm very satisfied with this result. I am a professional wrestler and it is important in this field to have a personal theme song, someone the audience remembers. I needed something customized, and The Soundtrack Studio created just what I needed! I'm very satisfied with how the combination of the guitar and electronics have worked out. They also replied quickly and made adaptations fast. Great collaboration!

Very quick replies to communication. My music for my animation trailer was also delivered quickly. If you had questions or wanted your music in a different format, he did that without a hassle. Also I am very happy with the result and personally thought the price was reasonable. I look forward to working with him again in the future.