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Making music
a vital element
in different types
of media

a suitable electronical soundtrack for your
video, movie, game or documentary

The Soundtrack Studio delivers

Electronical music that will contribute to the overall experience of your audience



The Soundtrack Studio is specialized in creating the right atmosphere for your movie. For instance, creating suspense, emotion or mystery are some of the strengths of our movie soundtracks.



Every video needs a different atmosphere. Our strength is to come up with the right piece of music for any kind of video, for instance educational and fictional videos. Any other kind of video is possible as well.



Documentaries carry a strong message in the combination of the visuals and the music. We are specialized in touching the emotions meant to be carried out in your documentary. Above all, it will move the listeners.



With the use of background music we can create the right atmosphere for your video game. As a result, the game will carry more meaning to the player, which contributes to the gaming experience.

Looking for an electronical soundtrack for another purpose?

The options for whatever purpose are endless with The Soundtrack Studio. Therefore, we would like to help you with a soundtrack for any purpose you have in mind. Please contact us to discuss what is possible for you.

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Daan van Keulen

Director of The Soundtrack Studio

About The Soundtrack Studio

The Soundtrack Studio is a soundtrack production company, ran by the versatile Dutch musician Daan van Keulen.

The Soundtrack Studio is a soundtrack production company ran by the young professional Daan van Keulen.

He always tried to create musical pieces which carry a certain emotional, mysterious or uplifting feeling. He has tried different styles, such as experimental electronic music, trance and soundtracks. The key elements of his music are strange, experimental, electronical sounds, combined with sampled piano and orchestral pieces.

A unique atmosphere is created which you will only hear in his pieces, because much passion and creativitiy is put in his music.

Slow but intense buildups together with many different atmospherical sounds are the key elements of his music.