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Movies and music are inseperable. Film music ensures that events in a movie are more realistic and emphasized. We create the right soundtrack for your movie, whether you only need music for a trailer or for various movie scenes.

Are you currently working on a (short) movie and are you still looking for a strong soundtrack of high quality?

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The Soundtrack Studio is specialized in composing film music. The possibilities for film music vary from a strong movie anthem , a short soundtrack, to a full film soundtrack with different music pieces that match the different scenes in your movie. We are specialized in making orchestral music for your movie. A short example of an orchestral music piece we created can be heard in the video above. A longer one can be found below as a Soundcloud link.

Our main specialty is orchestral music in a variety of styles. We can create a happy, sad, dark, or dramatical orchestral soundtrack for you. It is all depending on your needs and we will create a tailormade soundtrack based on the type of media. We are also specialized in combining orchestral music with electronical elements, which leads to the creation of unique pieces.

Composing short background sounds, such as effects and incidental background music, is also within our expertise and they can be requested together with your request of the movie soundtrack itself. We will make sure they all fall within the same style.


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Are you interested in our service and would you like unique music being created for your film? Please contact us using the button below, providing the following information:


  • A short description of the film in which the soundtrack will be used;
  • The average length of the soundtrack piece or pieces;
  • A short description of the style in which the soundtrack should be;


After receiving this information we will send you a personal plan with a quotation in which we will make you a proposal for the price of the project. Together with this quotation you will receive a short personalized sample we created based on your information. It will give you an idea of the music you can expect and you can make the decision if you want us to continue making the full soundtrack.


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Background music contributing to the overall experience of your audience



The Soundtrack Studio is specialized in creating (orchestral) film music. We can create a suitable soundtrack for your movie or as a trailer. Depending on the genre, as well as your preferences we will create a personalized, soundtrack of high quality for your movie.


music for videos

We create music for your animation, vlog, business video, sports video, nature video or any other kind of video. Whether it is a long or a short video, we are here to create the ideal soundtrack.

Camera Cut


The Soundtrack Studio is able to create music that strengthens your documentary. Regardless of length and topic, we are here to create a suitable piece of background music for your documentary.



Every video game asks for a different musical atmosphere, depending on the genre, story, and type of game. Our strength is to come up with the right piece of music for any kind of video game.

Looking for a soundtrack for another type of media?

The options for whatever purpose are endless with The Soundtrack Studio. Of course we would like to help you with a soundtrack for any purpose you have in mind. Please contact us to discuss what is possible for you.